Trained by Dog Expert Cesar Millan, we incorporate Dog Psychology in our training that uses dog behaviour and proper training techniques that work to help you effectively communicate with your canine. Learn how to have a calm dog, walk without pulling, establish rules, boundaries and limitations, and correct unwanted behaviours. If you have a dog with behavioural issues, this is the best training for you!

Group Classes

A five-week behavior based group class that will build a strong foundation for an incredible relationship with your dog.

Next class starts April 10th


Private Lessons

The One-to-One Pack Leadership program is a series of three sessions (minimum) to ensure that concepts are properly understood and applied successfully and tailored to the needs of you and your dog.

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Find our about our Weekend Workshops & Free Seminars here!

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1 thought on “Training

  1. You’re my new WordPress best friend! I like everything you write about and the dog philosophies you represent. I never knew anything about the frame of mind Cesar Millan teaches with respect to training/living with animals. Out of desperation, a last hope, while becoming depressed about our dogs I began watching Dog Whisperer. Trough his repeats Cesar taught us to be our own dog trainers we kept hoping for but never found. We were on our own. His teachings and methods work!

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