Did you know full moons can affect a dog’s behaviour?

Howling at the moonLast night I awoke in the middle of the night to my dog, Carmen, howling at the moon in her sleep. This is something she does every so often when there is a full moon. She is then completely exhausted the following day. This is something I have come to learn and love about my dog. It is also a little reminder that though she is my pet, she is still an animal decedent of the wolf.

At The Dog Haus, my staff and I mark down on a calendar every full moon in order to prepare ourselves. At the daycare we’ve seen some bizarre things happen around full moons. Dogs can often become unpredictable, extreme versions of their personalities or the exact opposite. A calm dog can become incredibly hyper, while more active dogs can seem lethargic. Friendly dogs can seem cranky and irritable. Hyper dogs become even more hyperactive, which can be hard to believe.  I’ve witnessed dogs that I never thought would become friends, play the whole day together. Working with dogs you have to be very aware and expect the unexpected when there’s a full moon, but I also recommend dog owners pay attention to full moons and how their own dog reacts.

Clients have told me their dogs have eaten weird things (dvd cases, converters, under ware…just to name a few), not eaten at all, made messes in the house, or acted out aggressively, when they’ve never done so before. Pay attention to what changes in your dog as a dramatic change in behaviour can often be attributed to full moons. Typically at the daycare we see extreme changes 2 days before and 2 days after a full moon, but each dog is different. Know your dog and how he or she will react. My best piece of advice is to stay clear of dog parks during this time as you never know how a strange dog could behave during this time and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may be able to predict your own dog’s behaviour but not that of one who is unfamiliar to you.

To help you start your own ‘full moon tracking calendar’, the next full moon will occur on June 13.

Have you noticed any changes in your dog’s behaviour over the last few days? Sound off in the comments below and let me know!


8 thoughts on “Did you know full moons can affect a dog’s behaviour?

  1. Thanks for the read. Being a first time dog owner I jad no idea. That explains my 11mnth old usually hyper Havapoo who has done nothing but sleep since Wednesday. He is all ready and eager to eat his dinner when he hears the kibble hit the bowl. He wanted nothing to do with it even when coaxed with his favorite Liver treat.

    • Thanks Jennifer, glad you found it helpful. Now you’ll know if he does the same thing next month. Stay tuned for more information on my blog! I’m so excited to share all that I’ve learned and continue to learn from dogs 🙂

  2. My 12 week old puppy is up all night crying like she is in pain even if you touch her and this has happened twice now once on a new moon and once on full moon. Have you ever heard of this happening?

  3. There are so many articles that say a dog’s behavior doesn’t change. I e
    was glad to see yours. Our Husky do eat sleep for 3-4 days during the full moon. He just destroys anything he can and runs arou d crazily. I can’t believe the energy, especially since he’s naturally high energy. It’s hard to keep up with him during a full moon but we are learning to cope.

  4. Tonight my 14 week old puppy got very excitable around midnight would not be told off!! In the end I had to put him in his crate to try and calm him down! He usually goes off to sleep straight away but tonight he cried whimpered whined in a way I’ve never heard before so I took him out ….he’s now asleep on my lap and very calm I want to go to bed but fear what he will do next lol

  5. My 1 year old corgie mix will not listen, barks continually and completely ignores me. He becomes extremely difficult to handle. He’s only been home from rescue a couple of months but has reacted this way every time there is a full moon…and a day or so after the full moon. My border collie had epilepsy and we increased his meds 2 days before, during and right after a full moon or his seizures became extremely violent and more frequent.

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