Sunday Fun-day at Woofstock 2014


What a wonderful day we had today! The sun was shining and Toronto was hopping with people and pets all gathering for Woofstock – North America’s largest dog festival! Every summer this fabulous event attracts thousands to come and spoil their dogs rotten with treats, toys, and apparel. But, that’s not why we go. Woofstock is much more to us; it has become our little family tradition.

The first time I ever went to the festival, I had only had Carmen for 2 weeks! It was quite an outing for us. With so many people and dogs and sights and sounds I knew it would be a fantastic way to socialize her and earn her trust. I was completely surprised to see how this little mutt from Mexico was so well adjusted that she just wandered through the crowds no problem, following me as I lead her down busy city streets. I could tell it was a lot for her to take in though when she was exhausted just after half an hour. Since then, we’ve been every year, marking this Woofstock our 4th anniversary¬†and it was just as fun as the first time.

We still go to this event, partly because of the nostalgia, but also because we still find it a great way to social our dog as confident as she already is. Plus Carmen loves it! No Woofstock event is ever the same either. There are always different dogs, new smells, new goodies, and new places. Carmen gets to greet people and other dogs, and take in all that is this wonderful festival has to offer. This is what has helped her to be the little social butterfly that she is.

Today we spend 3 hours enjoying the sunshine and company of fellow passionate dog owners. Carmen slept the whole ride home and is still exhausted! Not only did we all have an absolute blast, but Carmen’s exercise, mental, and social needs were all meet. Mission complete! What did you and your dog get up to this weekend?

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