Food is LOVE!

In our society, FOOD is LOVE. Unfortunately, this often means copious amounts of fatty treats for our furry friends. What’s concerning is that obesity in dogs is on the rise and needs to be taken seriously. Overweight dogs have a higher risk of arthritis, diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, among other medical issues.

“In Canada’s Pet Wellness Report (published in 2011), Canadian veterinarians identified weight control/management as the number one thing a pet owner can do to increase the length of their pet’s life.”

– Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

I love my dog very much. Some might say I’m obsessed. So to show her love, I prepare healthy meals for her that keep her lean and healthy to help her live a long life free of ailment. I show Carmen love, by offering her nothing the best of the best. This means local, natural foods that are easy to digest. She does not get artificial CRAP! No Milkbones for my baby. Instead she gets human-grade RAW food and all natural supplements. THIS (along with regular exercise) is what keeps Carmen as active and healthy as she is especially for a 3-legged dog.

Do not skimp when it comes to food for your dog. Quality ingredients like the ones I give Carmen can add years to their life and will save you on vet bills for trips like ear infections (usually a food intolerance), allergies, and hip/joint problems due to being overweight from too many carbs, sugars, and salt in kibble and treats.

Watch the video I’ve included to see how I prepare Carmen’s meal. All ingredients included are listed below and are available at The Dog Haus. Raw food is not only natural for dogs it is healthier and I’ve notice major improvements in Carmen’s coat, stamina, mobility and weight management. Have questions about the benefits of RAW? Ask us next time you are in 🙂

BigCountry Raw Pheasant and Elk
BigCountry Raw Herring Oil
Coconut Oil
Dr Dobias GreenMin
Dr Dobias SoulFood

What you didn’t see is Hero Dehydrated Duck Feet for dessert 😉 Which are full of chondroitin and glucosamine which is excellent for joint health and best of all LOW IN FAT!