Claire’s Corner: Picking the Perfect Puppy

So you’ve done your research and found a breed that is the perfect match for you and your lifestyle, but what’s next? Now it’s time to find a reputable breeder and select your new fur baby from a litter of bouncy puppies.

Finding a reputable breeder to adopt your puppy from is an incredibly important step and shouldn’t be taken lightly. You must put time into researching breeders in order to be sure you are supporting a trustworthy and reliable breeder, as well as to file1-3-2give you peace of mind that the puppy you bring home will have spent the first eight weeks of his or her life in a safe, healthy, and happy environment. Unfortunately, there are many ‘breeders’ out there who are only in the puppy business to make a quick buck and who will not take the health of the puppies or the parents into account when having litters. A good place to start looking for a trustworthy breeder is on the breed’s club website (ie. The French Bulldog Club of Canada) as they often have a page dedicated specifically to respected breeders. Here are a few signs that the breeder you have selected is reputable;

  • First and foremost they will be open to answering any questions you have about their business – any breeder who is hesitant to answer questions about their facility, their dogs, and their breeding program may not have the dog’s best interests at heart
  • They will be open to you visiting their facility and meeting their dogs, as well as visiting your puppy’s litter once they are born
  • They will have a detailed questionnaire that you must fill out before being approved to adopt one of their puppies – they may ask you about your experience with the breed, the size of your yard, how long the puppy will be left alone each day, etc.
  • Their puppies have been vet checked before going home
  • They will require you to spay or neuter your dog before they provide you with CKC registration papers for the puppy
  • For breeds prone to genetic health conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia, their breeding stock (moms and dads) must have documentation from a veterinarian stating that their hips and elbows are in good health (because it is a genetic condition, if your puppy’s parents have poor hip and elbow health the likelihood your puppy will develop issues is much greater)
  • They will provide a health guarantee for your new puppy that usually covers any genetic issues that could affect the health and wellbeing of your puppy
  • Their website will have testimonials from other clients who have purchased puppies in the past
  • They will not send a puppy home with you before they are eight weeks old – some (like Sprout’s breeder) will even keep the puppies with their mother until ten weeks of age
  • They will make it clear that if you need to rehome your puppy for any reason throughout his or her life you must bring the puppy back to the breeder rather than to a shelter
  • They will not have many litters throughout the year
  • One or both parents are on sight and available for you to meet


Now comes the really fun part – selecting your puppy from a litter! But as exciting as this part of becoming a puppy parent is, it also requires a lot of self-restraint on your part in order to ensure you select the perfect puppy for you. Far too often I hear that people selected their puppy based on his or her colouring, or because the puppy “chose us” by jumping up on them, or they felt bad for the one puppy hiding from everyone and everything in the corner. Well, the puppy that “chose” its humans actually claimed them and exerted dominance by jumping up, and the cowering puppy will require much more socialization than a typical happy-go-lucky pup to boost its confidence. The ideal puppy energy for new parents is happy-go-lucky as these dogs tend to go with the flow, have moderate energy levels, and are always willing to follow a confident leader. Ideally you will be able to visit your puppy’s litter in person to select your new addition as this will allow you to see the puppies interact with their siblings, their mother, and you first hand. I know it’s hard, but please try not to let the ridiculously cute sight of 5-10 puppies rolling around cloud your judgement when selecting your puppy. Take a breath, clear your mind, and simply observe. Here are some things to look for in a happy-go-lucky puppy;

  • They will not jump up on you when you enter the puppy play area, but they also won’t run to the back of the room in fear. Happy-go-lucky puppies are curious but not pushy or fearful
  • Dominant puppies will often engage in intense puppy play and wrestling as they are fighting for the dominant position in the pack, while happy-go-lucky puppies will play nicely and respectfully with their siblings
  • If you are visiting during feeding time, happy-go-lucky puppies will not force their way to the front of the line but instead will wait and approach the feeding bowl (or their mother, depending on age) calmly and respectfully
  • They may be seen licking their mother and/or their sibling’s faces
  • If there are toys present, happy-go-lucky puppies will willingly give up the toy they have to any other dog or human that approaches

And that’s it! Now you’re ready to pick your puppy and begin the next stage of your lives together. Don’t let all of this information overwhelm you – choosing your new furry family member is supposed to be fun, exciting, and a truly happy experience. So keep a cool head and make an informed decision, but don’t forget to enjoy this stage of your journey into the wonderful world of puppy parenthood!

Hope you’ve been enjoying my blogs! Stay tuned for another one next week 🙂

– Claire


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